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  "We are called to be God's prophets!"


The annual retreat this year was held at the St. Arnold Janssen Spirituality Center in BF Homes, Capitol Hills, Quezon City from May 3-9, 2012. The retreat house is owned and run by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.  All sisters in the Region were present except for one who had to stay in Cebu to attend to some school concerns.  Fr. Eli Mata, SVD was the retreat master.  His theme for the retreat was "Prophetic Dialogue".  According to him, this is the gift of the SVDs to the Church as far as mission is concerned.

tnHow valuable prophetic dialogue is and how useful it is in almost all aspects of consecrated life: be it in community, in ministry and spiritual life.  There is prophetic dialogue when we deal with one another in community with respect, kindness, understanding, friendship and charity. Communication is key to relationships and how effective we become in our ministry if we can communicate openly with charity and respect with our people, our mission partners and with our religious communities.

Fr. Mata generously shared his time, gifts and spirituality to us.  He even did some research just to be able to share with us some significant points on issues affecting the group of women religious in the United States and what can be learned from these.  He said that in all these controversies, a critical question is posed before us: Whom do we obey?  It is a question of obedience and humility. We are called to be God's prophets.  His reflections on the Eucharist and the meaning of peace mentioned by Jesus in the gospel as he appeared to the disciples after the resurrection, were indeed profound.

Sisters were able to make confession and sought spiritual guidance.   On the eve of the last day of the retreat, a film entitled, "Every Child is a Gift" was shown.  It was a very powerful message to all, which moved every heart to tears.  Indeed, every retreat is a great gift of Jesus.  In this one, we are truly grateful.  Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Fr. Eli!